Introduction to Dalux

Dalux is a platform that originally started with a BIM viewer which is the basis for everything else. With the BIM. With the BIM viewer you can upload your IFC models, Revit models and you can also link them with its PDFs or DWGs files. Besides the free products Dalux has its Premium products:

  • Dalux field: which allows you to generate information on site
  • Dalux Box: CDE to upload your files and manage your information
  • Dalux FM: designated for facility management

In this course our focus will be mainly on Dalux Field and Dalux Box.

Dalux implies working with topnotch technology and, therefore, being an engineer or architect you cannot miss the opportunity to bring this new technology to the construction industry!

Dalux’s approach makes it so simple that everyone can learn how to use and take advantage of it! 

Dive into this course and take digitalization to the next step!


Nickollas Nunes – ZIGURAT’s Ambassador


  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering , Texas A&M University
  • Master en Gestión Internacional de la Construcción, MBA in International Construction, Universidad Europea
  • Máster BIM Manager en Ingeniería Civil, Infraestructuras y GIS, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology

Professional Experience: 

  • Customer Success Manager at Dalux
  • Site Manager Assistant, Grupo Puentes
  • Ingeniero de Proyectos, Hercesa

Course contents

Unit 1 | Introduction
Unit 2 | BIM Viewer
Unit 3 | Dalux Build
Unit 4 | Dalux Handover FM

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